From 04/29/2015 to 05/28/2015


06:03 pm Revision 7d816bd7518611a1a28313d01aa7d07294ff79b4: Fix another bug with QMI pointed out by tanema...
Eric Bishop


09:27 pm Revision 8a8363fe9b77bec4b1dc0178e7442285a4f43c73: Merge remote-tracking branch 'ifedorenko/openv...
Eric Bishop
06:21 pm Revision c1b41596681b7f7e49241ae4db45a740c25445c6: iptables-mod-ipset is no longer a valid packag...
Eric Bishop


01:31 am Revision dcfa27a199fd14970c4b730aad23901622eb8e8f: fixed OpenVPN Status always shows no connected...
openvpn server setup script placed openvpn status file under
/var/openvpn directory, which does not survive router re...
Igor Fedorenko


02:11 pm Bug #101 (New): QMI support still broken after hasQMI fix
Originally reported here:
The fix in...


04:43 pm Revision d6748a3516e05f6ef07b10c20085f717cc542ca0: Merge remote-tracking branch 'ispyisail/master'
Eric Bishop
04:42 pm Revision 495f725307f1c53eb44e6d0c74a2bb312bc320f0: Properly set hasQMI to true if we do, in fact,...
Eric Bishop
01:31 pm Feature #100 (New): Reload ability for overview page
The Gargoyle interface is a web interface and hence is used primarily with a mouse. Many pages that have dynamic inf... Anonymous
11:36 am Bug #99 (New): Save High Resolution Data accidentally selecting on
When using the page and selecting machines in the Plot2 and Plot3 drop down boxes, it is very easy to ac... Anonymous


03:32 am Revision 1d388315e2d29dda666134790dbac7b67475a6b1: Add APN 3g providers for New Zealand Shane Ringrose


08:35 pm Revision ab038854dd565866eef545fd70ece51574af2c64: Bump OpenWRT 45620
hostapd: fix remote denial of service vulnerability in WMM action frame Shane Ringrose
08:30 pm Revision 46a5d8578a69dde860f75ce58475dfe9b842e1ac: Add DDNS provider "" (nworbnhoj)
A new section for /etc/ddns_providers.conf
Shane Ringrose


05:32 pm Revision e9801213eebb55699b671c2522004fb66f6a77e8: fix authentication via RADIUS when in AP mode
Eric Bishop
04:37 pm Revision 2e5b5d181f34f7ae7340fe7ac3d7dfabfa47a64a: Merge remote-tracking branch 'hdhoang/patch-1'
Eric Bishop


05:39 am Revision ab84e48cc615d7725542981bcb7ae3d02aaf5d49: CloudFlare: use api_json endpoint
This requires the ID of the domain's record in the ID variable (name Key). The old Key variable is renamed to API Key... Hoàng Đức Hiếu


12:39 am Revision a8aafd80129256f89062ccc5fd2d43143431f5fe: fix for reboot monthly being off by 1 day
as per this bug report
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