From 11/08/2016 to 12/07/2016


09:32 am Revision 48735251fe82f391d7d7075fd3085e942c4e2a66: Fix accidental reversion of
Michael Gray
09:21 am Revision 9ae39f2fc354bf87a1c4167004ab7b2ec1f8bb49: A-Q of gui edits
Michael Gray
08:17 am Revision 9b7bf7fa610dbdd7c6da916f9fb95be83567f52a: Merge pull request #42 from ericpaulbishop/gui...
Bring Lantis:gui_overhaul up to date Michael
08:14 am Revision 4bad85e34ffebf085c53e55ca5de8a68c1501cfa: Merge pull request #40 from d3fz/patch-1
Add new predefined DNS strings to all language files. Michael


03:22 am Revision 7a608d8aaa31a6f56d1820ee0a3f18b23d843499: shorten english def for basicS.dfltDNS so ther...
Eric Bishop
03:03 am Revision 49dac42f3dcb688325a42f54f32d6d9664d6f2fc: more formatting updates for theme.css
Eric Bishop
02:53 am Revision 8ac891729458bd6f4df3a53b0c1aa5e118eb57d0: update inputs/selects so they aren't quite so ...
Eric Bishop
02:41 am Revision cb3866f54507aaf5e9d98215561b5853eb65b380: set font size to 11px, not 12px, and cleanup t...
Eric Bishop


06:07 am Revision ac29746448e170af6e37eeb409c618544f6e9015: update bridge section of connection/basic to n...
Eric Bishop
05:22 am Revision c8e56a82f8e57ccd2a3986073aa0837b0c519e2c: finish converting rest of wireless section to ...
Eric Bishop
05:08 am Revision 70aec7acafca70f981a9f899bba3c73ab001fed7: more work on formatting connection/basic wifi ...
Eric Bishop


01:52 am Revision 641763f7a2ad7cfa0ff6fa4deb67a75afda4e83a: Update Spanish-ES
Add new predefined DNS strings to Spanish-ES language file. d3fz
01:50 am Revision eebdc0512a53368098ccb84e2cdd8b991bdcd144: Update Slovak-SK
Add new predefined DNS strings to Slovak-SK language file. d3fz
01:47 am Revision 799baa57ea339ce423560a2445af38f1b5774d01: Update SimplifiedChinese-ZN-CN
Add new predefined DNS strings to SimplifiedChinese-ZN-CN language file. d3fz
01:44 am Revision 0aacf94beb7ea28493b4dbf3cb8d13bc8a917af6: Update Russian-RU
Add new predefined DNS strings to Russian-RU language file. d3fz
01:41 am Revision 672f6f8346e7a835d334f37f26e9187f2cbf7aff: Update Norwegian-NO
Add new predefined DNS strings to Norwegian-NO language file. d3fz
01:39 am Revision 59f9940f299ad79ecdb29351a2ae564cf2045b51: Update German-DE
Add new predefined DNS strings to German-DE language file. d3fz
01:36 am Revision bd7932bfb62953539bef95a970286a554c536838: Update French-FR
Add new predefined DNS strings to French-FR language file. d3fz
01:06 am Revision 1ef8ede5f661b51d33394905de0d031a76de4eb8: Merge pull request #39 from d3fz/patch-1
Add new predefined DNS strings to language file. Michael


11:11 pm Revision 98065c4ab070fc921e861de400bc6c19e729d852: Add new predefined DNS strings to language file.
Add new predefined DNS strings to basic.js PT-BR language file. d3fz
12:18 am Revision dcaf6a75b764741e8f74277d6cf153fbcb9a6f51: merge master
Eric Bishop
12:08 am Revision 840925519cd05266ac0f1c0ae46cbdb0efa87b27: merge latest
Eric Bishop
12:02 am Revision ad9f4ea1dd0a7561221aa1f23ba5e00588c7840e: more work on connection/basic formatting
Eric Bishop


08:53 pm Revision 0bdf9ce4a82100e7a3e642705bc9dcf7ab49e661: Add predefined dns:
- OpenDNS FamilyShield (preconfigured to block adult content)
Cezary Jackiewicz


07:00 pm Revision 97a2b570917432f7de764ea4b4b7f688cd1a8ebb: Merge remote-tracking branch 'lantis1008/gui_o...
Eric Bishop


09:22 pm Revision 4ed530835bb4a337fd43ce010b5be05e9963073e: Fix Lantis1008 repo (#38)
* Fix merge conflicts
* Fix minor syntax difference
09:19 pm Revision ab53a338e46af236ce1446f791f3c048d7f71e05: Clarify tempinfo
Michael Gray
10:55 am Revision d5f2703c2ed0ef30ec438f7a13fd00ddba353e27: Fix minor syntax difference
Michael Gray
10:44 am Revision 72e88939fc8043dc08aef189aba931d4c144c7a8: Merge branch 'ericpaulbishop-gui_overhaul' int...
Michael Gray
10:43 am Revision 1a4725030c83ccb861fae34ce279f2ef0f97f5e6: Fix merge conflicts
Michael Gray
10:31 am Revision 8f99267cf6745bfd4332eb3e16574dee782894ec: Merge branch 'ericpaulbishop-master' into gui_...
Michael Gray
10:30 am Revision 19d60d2e4dd92405e40bf92383cc0dbc8f9d4c9f: Merge Gargoyle/Master into Lantis/gui_overhaul
Michael Gray
09:59 am Revision 32455aa4a0bd7860006fa649097a8c26e64857e9: Minor PT-BR language string fixes. (#35)
* Update menus.txt
Minor string change.
* Update quotas.js
Minor string changes.
* Update restrictions.js
Minor ...
02:10 am Revision 90a4420694d09a2fbf42659e1e2d54ff7d7776b4: more work on wireless display, wifi_scan butto...
Eric Bishop


09:07 pm Revision cefa24400088d6c8585bea523cb116745e4a2a7c: more work formatting connection/basic wireless...
Eric Bishop
06:31 pm Revision 5882686d12986b93239ad35e70f22a8907ba95a4: fix indent class
Eric Bishop
06:23 pm Revision 9500bfaf3b41a6a8173771668bebbab4544e9d95: some work on reformatting connection/basic wir...
Eric Bishop
05:56 pm Revision a9b0507bc22994d414ea3c73520c9a065679f61d: update Connection/Basic LAN to proper two-colu...
Eric Bishop


12:24 am Revision b05717cdd3e16bf4bf2cec45dbb39a3adffc5a9b: some work moving back to two-column layout, bu...
Eric Bishop
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