From 03/17/2012 to 04/15/2012


11:58 pm Revision 1013c01ee2b23681e09c09057c934090d152b115: Merge remote-tracking branch 'wildrat/master'
Eric Bishop
11:57 pm Revision ad6632d48fd46bad12fe1424c6e39d3a99267657:
11:39 pm Revision 46384aab49a224ad1beb47dea993b0a5cd7653bf: if we're using overlay -- all models except al...
Eric Bishop


09:02 pm Bug #37 (New): ttyACM 3g modems
Some 3g modems (T-Mobile Web Rocket 2.0 for example) register as /dev/ttyACM* devices and then one cannot configure t... Anonymous


11:37 pm Revision 62b95997828f354ffac3d658862e246bc38dbb71: Enhance Plug and Play GUI, add help and forwar...
Paul Bixel


09:47 pm Revision 4a4d5aa47172b84e5845fd4b2c3998ccb53671ca: some fixes for ewget
Eric Bishop


01:26 pm Bug #36 (New): is broken
The page stops loading with an error the page source:
var physicalDrives = [];
var drivesWithNoMou...
09:57 am Bug #35 (New): Webmon data not restored when doing a restore
The webmon data (in /usr/data) isn't restored by a config restore. The files webmon_domains.txt and webmon_searches.t... Anonymous


10:26 am Bug #34 (New): Web session lengths should beable to last longer
The maximum web session length is currently 24 hours.
The available session lengths are:
- 15 minutes
- 30 minutes...
10:20 am Bug #33 (New): Max Speed on UPnP Ports should be in Kbytes
The Max Speed on UPnP Ports (/ should be entered in Kbytes instead of Kbit because miniupnp does * 8. Anonymous


11:46 am Revision 31cc2da3814569557b864f1eebb9d2336dbcb63c: update ddns_providers.conf so we're actually r...
Eric Bishop
11:41 am Revision f83d0201675d981bd7d8c47f1a0190bddba01923: update ddns_providers.cofn to reflect that zon...
Eric Bishop
11:26 am Revision 31a591e3e5efc00ac10e658f6c9f050fe3abcb1d: properly close/unlock ddns_gargoyle daemon pid...
Eric Bishop
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